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DSB #57 – The Handjob Economy


In the wake of faux prophets and dubious destruction, the Brawlers look forward, surveying a NEW AMERICA in 2013. Learning from Detroit’s mistakes and the Sinister Six’s failed takeover of New York, the only route is forward, then back… then forward! then back! and again and again and again! as the handjob economy is the key to America’s success.

All this while we slop down Pigs Nose Scotch Whiskey.

Music by Dr. Octogon, Dr. Dre, Nintendo, El-P, Ozzy Osbourne & Nine Inch Nails

Special thanks to JaQ Andrews who composed our theme music.

Download it here or subscribe to us on iTunes.


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Dandy Scotch Brawlers #3 now up

Skimming the surface of their inner nerds, the gentlemen of DSB down a bottle of middle-of-the-shelf Scotch and wax on and off about “Road House,” consider comic books, compare “Dirty Dancing” to “Mama Mia” and talk about first concerts. Download it here or subscribe in iTunes here.

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