Who likes having a drink with a frequency just this side of functional?

This guy [points thumbs at self].

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One response to “About

  1. Danielle

    I want to come hang out with you guys! Ran into your podcast while googling my childhood nickname (Dandy Glenn) Dandy being my parents short version of Danielle and Glenn being my maiden name….seriously didn’t know my name was Danielle until 1st grade, Sister Garcia went through role call and got all the way to the end with one kid (me) and 1 name (Danielle Glenn) left. AND a good single malt is my favorite beverage…my parents started replacing my birthday cake with a glass of good single malt with a candle in it around 5 years ago, bless them. Your conversations are so in my space too.

    LOVE IT!!
    Dandy Glenn Walker

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