DSB #38 – Nimoy’s Warp 9 Chile

Playing catch-up, the Brawlers deliver a less than scheduled episode. Food festivals, Michelle Backman’s cold war and strange liquor laws are all the rage, plus! the Brawlers ask the pressing question, what’s more AMERICA! all-you-can-eat buffets, “eat this and it’s free” challenges or a Bald Eagle? The booze-ahol is Bowman Brother Virgina Straight Bourbon.

Music by Queens of the Stoneage, The Avalanches, The Clash, Be Your Own Pet and Lou Reed

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One response to “DSB #38 – Nimoy’s Warp 9 Chile

  1. As a proud Quebecer, I was more than surprised to hear talking about poutine in a Scotch show!

    Great job guys

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