DSB #27: A cruel trick (The semi-lost episode)

Noticed the blaring gap between episodes 26 and 28? Well aren’t you so smart Mr. Detective-Know-It-All! We screwed up somewhere about posting it on the blog but the episode made it to the iTunes RSS feed, which you should be subscribed to, so, for the lot of ya, you’ve probably already heard Episode #27. For those who haven’t, enjoy!

Dandy Rob “falls” for false marketing and brings home 750 mls of The Knot, 100-proof “dick juice” (according to one reviewer) disguised, marketed and shelved as delicious Irish whiskey. Foulness abounds but the high BAC makes everybody feel alright. Music by Flogging Molly, Blood and Whiskey, Lower Class Brats and Cake.

Download it here or subscribe to us on iTunes.

Dick Syrup


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