It’s a “storehouse,” not a brewery

As was discussed in DSB#11, there is, alas, no Guinness brewery tour available in Dublin. Instead, visitors are charged €15 ($21.62 on Aug. 4, 2009) to tour the “storehouse” at St. James Gate, the 64-acre headquarters of Guinness. Instead of seeing how the stout is made, visitors must content themselves to be told how it’s made.

Some say the storehouse tour is nothing but a tourist trap, and for the most part they’re right. It’s impressively slick, for sure, but the best thing about the tour is its end, when one arrives at the Gravity Bar, an admittedly impressive bar eight floors above the ground that offers spectacular 360 degree views of Dublin and environs. Here visitors are given a “complimentary” pint.

A much more authentic – and cheaper – experience, of course, would be to order a €5 pint at real Dublin pub like Kehoe’s or Long Hall. But there will always be suckers like this guy, who fell for the Guinness marketing claptrap back in 2006:

guinness– Dandy Will


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