Dandy Scotch Brawlers Episode #8

On DSB #08 your intrepid brawlers bumble about with clip on mics, make grunting cave love to Bulleit Bourbon and revel in the turmoil of the Iranian election. Download the episode here or subscribe in iTunes here.

This delicious bourbon, perfect for girding your teeth during panhandling or during a long stretch of Oregon Trail is available at most NH liquor stores and in the larger part of our great nation. Of course don’t try and go buy this on a Sunday at a fine Mass. establishment before noon cause old papa Blue Law will crawl out from under his religious bridge and smack you about with civil enforcement of church doctrine. ‘Cause as we all know Jesus doesn’t stops caring about your alcoholism once lunch begins (what can I say, son of god likes his GnT with lunch). Of course New Hampshire will have none of that (and frankly most of the country has done away with these restrictions on booze sale on “holy” days) free thinking Americans are permitted once more to get positively smashed on a handle of Stoli before brunch. WHICH IS HOW OUR FOREFATHERS INTENDED IT. Pre-2004 you couldn’t sell booze in Mass at all on Sundays, nor could you hunt, special exception was given for drunken hunting though.

Christ the College years:
Artie Lang as Spanks, Jesus’s dorm janitor, always ready with a helping hand and a mop for the apostles hard partying ways
Steve Harvey as Dean Jean Seamus. Can the University of Florida handle super-super senior Jesus H. Christ and his wild apostles in Kappa Alpha as they redefine what “higher” education really means.

Mormons vs. Scientology. I would write more but I’d rather not be sued into oblivion. NOT THAT EITHER RELIGION IS PRONE TO UNWARRENTED LITIGATION


Yeah, that’s right, he tossed Sgt. Slaughter like a first black president tosses undeserved billions to incompetent corporations.

Shit, how come nobody told me that Qaddafi dresses like a blacksploitation hero! Holy crap I am totally behind Libya now.

Lets not all get so terrified of the Iranian leadership. After all their party leader is only 20th level.

Who says musicals need to be all crappy. BEHOLD! REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA Which some intrepid company needs to stage hereabouts. In the meantime Granite States can always rely on Ghostlight Theatre Co. headed by art director/impresario John Sefel for something fun and edgy. Be sure to check out there upcoming production of the Bogosian-tastic “subUrbia” at the Amato Center for the Performing Arts in Milford, NH, July 31st – August 8th.

Dandy Will greedily clamors for geek cred by downing the entire 1st season of True Blood to prep for upcoming Ana Paquin nudity and blood play. Leading inevitably into the depths of mass media discussions. Good movies from bad scripts. And schlock horror finally comes back strong and proud with Drag Me To Hell.

Eating on a $2/day budget came down to 3 tricks. Mexican food. Mexican Food. Mexican food. Apparently you can make a lot of fajita-taco-quesidilla-chimichanga-generic tex-mex on the real cheap. And it’s pretty good for you. Still the pains of forgoing a nice hot cuppa will kill you. Technically Rob is correct, rice is a complex carb but given his refined palette it’s doubtful he is referring to brown rice.

Lets all go get gay married! We’ve been harping on this for a few weeks finally Gov. Flynch put his gay pen to gay paper and gay signed this into Gay Hampshire law. For the real New England gay experience though, get thee to Ogunquit Maine. Hello Nurse! it’s like Christopher Street cum Martha Stewart with a heavy emphasis on “LhabStah” rolls and unflattering shorts on short haired couples.

I’m not going to link the Louis the XIV bullshit, it would go on and on and on.

Sophia Copolla Sparkling White Wine. Dan Akroyd Skull Vodka. One of these two is obviously an awesome-er product. HINT: The white wine doesn’t arrive in a fucking skull made out of magic crystals.

A great farewell tour from Trent Reznor  and NiN but completely worthless Janes Addiction show closer. It’s really a shame that they had Janes Addiction had to end the night as it was basically psychedelic tom foolery as the entire stadium filed out for an excruciating hour. Also on the bill Street Sweeper Social Club.

Perry Farrel is a dork

Trent reznor made me cry a teeney bit

The moral of the podcast folks? If you’re going to steal music for your gay wedding, make sure you see a concert or a local theatre production to balance your karma out. Sprinkle some salt on your coaster.

Bulleit Bourbon by the numbers

Rob: 3.2 out of 5 “I’m 37”
Dan: 3.8 out of 5 “Jane’s Addiction Sucks”
Glenn: 3.2 out of 5 “Sweaty Coaster Glasses”
Will:  3.5 “Weeks Spent Without Post Raisin Bran”

Music “Pleasant Valley Sunday” by The Monkees and “Don’t Come Home A’ Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ on Your Mind)” by Loretta Lynn



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2 responses to “Dandy Scotch Brawlers Episode #8

  1. Dandy Rob

    Gotta say: good notes.

  2. Wow … thanks for the awesome shout-out! Please come check out the show – it’s by FAR the biggest thing we’ve ever brought to the stage.

    After that, Psycho Beach Party, and a special collaboration with Chester College on “Night of the Living Dead”!

    (sorry for the shameless plug … can’t help it)

    Meanwhile – REPO is on the list of possibles for the next two years — we shall see, we shall see.

    – john sefel
    ghostlight theater co.

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