Wanted: servant-hearted believers

If you have the time and inclination to listen to four nerds from New Hampshire wax on about vampires, breakfast cereal and the like for an hour every other week, chances are you probably don’t have much going the weekend of July 29-Aug. 1.

Which is why, barring a previously scheduled WoW raid or D&D related-event, you should consider volunteering at SoulFest.

SoulFest, as you’ll recall, is “is New England’s premier Multi-day Music Festival and Family Retreat. SOULFEST has 5 stages featuring over 100 world renown Christian artists and speakers. SoulFest is four days and nights of inspiring music, activities, and fellowship, all in a safe and beautiful setting.”

According to the SoulFest website, the festival needs “over 500 volunteers…to run smoothly. Serve in the areas of security, selling merch, hospitality, cleaning, and more, so servant-hearted believers apply!”
Benefits of Volunteering

Full time: min. of 4 days, two 4.5hr shifts/day
•  FREE Admission
•  FREE Camping in Volunteer section
•  One Meal per day

Part Time: min. of 4 days, one 4.5hr shift/day
•  50% off festival admission

But before you submit your volunteer application, please heed these words of SoulFest Volunteer Coordinator Kathy Kelley:

“If you haven’t prayed about serving at Soulfest, I would ask that you do that before you fill out the application. Ask Him where He wants you to be, what He wants you to do, and what divine appointments He may have planned for you. I pray deeply over each volunteer assignment and sincerely ask for His guidance when creating each department team.”



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4 responses to “Wanted: servant-hearted believers

  1. jamielorance

    Mr. Stewart,

    I have a recommendation: Bulleit Bourbon. I endorse this fine spirit.


    Also, concerning this quote: “…barring a previously scheduled WoW raid…”

    Let it be known that I once founded and was GM of a hardcore guild for two years. I played shaman. I used a lot of lightning bolts like this fellow here.

    I swear it’s not me, although I am of similar size. I could never shame myself this much.

  2. dandy glenn


    I don’t even know where to begin with this post and it’s comment, I suppose that this is the price I pay for lazing my ass about instead of writing a proper4 set of show notes.

    Yes, I’ve LARP{ed much like the above YouTube vid suggestes, I’ve gone so far as to help playtest PRG’s whose central concert was that D&D wasn’t true to elf fantasy enough. I suggest that anybody with a shred of rationality and the ability to differentiate fantasy from reality avoid SoulFest, its proprietors and it’s attendees at all costs. The hair-brained logic that underlies both LARPing and the Bible are far too close for a well thinking person to swallow. Fuck. Infact I would say that Penzig has a far more robust system for determining Fireball damage than Matthew John or Paul.

    – Dandy Glenn

  3. dandy glenn

    P.S. shamans are for bitches.

    • jamielorance

      Let it be known that shamans were never for said bitches. Rogues perhaps.

      Still, I took your advice. I rolled the dice and, by chance, I won’t ever attend such frightening events.

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