#6 Show Notes

Old Grand-Dad Whiskey, of particular acclaim from it’s inclusion in the George Thorogood song “I Drink Alone” is one of a large field of American Bourbon Whiskeys that made their name as medicinal spirits during Prohibition and frankly, if this doesn’t make you blind it has an equal chance of curing whatever nagging blindness you are afflicted with. The Brawlers were immediately turned off by OGD’s oily mouthfeel and rough flavor.

Gay marriage was again in the air as NH’s Gov. Lynch kicked the passage of gay marriage back to the legislature to amend it with extra provisions for the protection of religious groups from being sued if they choose not to perform same-sex ceremonies or provide other marriage related services to same-sex couples. This is not a strange caveat to same-sex marriage laws as many New England states have strong language included in their versions of the bill.

Desipte the sweet Pine Wood Derby racing and the undeniable appeal of the kerchief  and sash combo The Boy Scouts of today have been on the wane. While some of the Dandies have been Scouts (Dandy Glenn rising to the rank of Webelo!) it seems that Scouting today is far from the kid soldier training corps that it was founded as and persists only to provide kid movie tropes. Yay for hatred!

In what comes as no surprise to those of us noticing the increasing difference between Dandy Will (what with his helping people and engaging in generally grown up pursuits) and Rob, Glenn and Dan’s penchant for all things nerdy Mr. W never bothered to acquaint himself with the topic of much Dandy discussion; the sheer awesomeness of the B-52’s and their signature tune Rock Lobster. Enjoy the pinnacle of unironic deconstructive surf-punk.

Ahh, teen gothiness,

You never cease to amaze;

Sparkly fey bullshit

As I write I’m rewatching the season 1 finale of True Blood, which, as apparently Twilight was, the filmed version is supposedly an improvement on the series (written by Charlaine Harris). Since It begins pretty off the rails and introduces crazy by the drumbeat it’s hard to fault True Blood for being silly, in fact that may be it’s charm.

Six’s dress, FOR YOU TO FAP ON!

The last argument of kings

When it comes to reunions can’t we handle that all over web 2.0 applications? I mean seriously do I need to travel to get pumped for alumni dollars while awkwardly comparing accomplishments and hiding our failures from those with whom you’re either fumblingly groped or whose significant other you fumblingly groped. This is not to say that College and high school companionship is a waste, it certainly produces interesting scars and via the shotgun spread of social interaction you’re bound to make some lifelong friends. Here there be crack

Dandy Rob speaks on a topic straight from his heart

Pot policy is a touchy subject because of the sheer weight of disinformation on both sides of the debate. Historically weed has had a decent relationship with western cultures providing both “medicinal” and industrial uses until falling politically out of favor with a rising conservatism and the power of the “Fun Police”. Of course, like the prohibition of Alcohol this illegality likely will recede when the real economics of the situation break into the mainstream.

Silly Vikings, don’t you know you’re supposed to fritter your money away.

Silly Governator, don’t you know how awesome a prison theme park could be pitch it to Disney they’ll buy anything. Sadly though you’ve only got 3 years left of your term to make this dream of cell block water flumes a reality. If only there were some way you could fight this economy in a munitions plant and then have a fireball chase your money troubles down the hallway of positive fiscal growth. Might I suggest you come to the north East and be our Gov. after your time in Sacramento is over. Here you can rule forever unlike the sad 1 term of Ralph Metcalf New Hampshire only “Know-Nothing” Gov.

As it is spring inevitably a young dandy’s fancy turns to love. By love of course we mean Philipino Cat Burglar the lol-tastic search result can be found here

Also by “Love” I mean Troma films  If you’re going to get acquainted with this halcyon studio here’s a short list of essential viewing

The Toxic Avenger

Class of Nuke’em high

Surf Nazi’s Must Die

Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.

Cannibal! The Musical (the first film of South Park creators Parker and Stone)

Teenage Catgirls in Heat

Tromeo and Juliet

For the less video inclined feel free to download Horror Story and Other Horror Stories

Old Grand-Dad Whiskey

Dandy Rob: 1 out of 5 “I need to go wash my mouth out with Brennivin Icelandic Schnapps”

Dandy Glenn: 2 out of 5 “Heist theme movies”

Dandy Will: 1.5 out of 5 “Philipino Cat Burglars“

Dandy Dan: 1.5 out of 5 “escape routes”

It tastes like torture and lies, best served during civil war surgery or when driving a muscle car off a cliff


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