Bush administration nears super villain level of notoriety


During this last epsiode of DSB, we discussed torture in all its fun/glory and this week the saga continues. As a step towards his promise of transparency in the White House, Prez Obama declassified a few memos from the previous administration advocating the use of several different types of torture, including waterboarding, when it came to the interogation of “high value detainees.”

Some of the other torturous techniques involved being thrown against flexible walls to  create a feeling of whiplash (walling), sleep deprivation, cramped confinement and last but not least “insect in a confinement box .” Sound familiar? Maybe, that’s because you remember waking up to your kid screaming one night after showing him Captain Hook locking a man in a treasure chest with some scorpions in the 1991 film, “Hook.” The only differences; the Bush administration forwent the classy branding of Hook’s “The Boo Box” and opted for something a little more plain Jane and instead of scorpions, it would be a “harmless insect.”

Admittedly, this particular technique was never used according to the Pentagon but I have to give the Bush administration points for creativity in committing a war crime without permanently harming their prisoners. 
-Dandy Dan


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  1. Dandy Will

    The question, then, is whether the “boo box” is worse than having one’s fingernails ripped out. Your opinion, Dandy Glenn?

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