Whiskey bent and jerky bound

Even for four such well-seasoned drinkers as the Dandy Scotch Brawlers, a one liter bottle of whiskey per podcast will generally suffice. As such, I was not planning to purchase a 1.75 liter bottle of Jim Beam when I entered the state liquor store last Sunday. And I wouldn’t have, either, had I not been tempted by the following:

  1. The oversize bottle was on sale for $19.99 — $5 off the regular price and;
  2. It came packaged with this:jerky1

Jim Beam makes jerky? Who knew? And as the empty package above will attest, it’s not bad.

Come to find out, the Kentucky-based whiskey distiller has it’s own snack division, appropriately named Jim Beam Snacks. In addition to the “original” beef jerky that came with our bottle of whiskey, the company also makes jerky in barbecue and peppered flavors. Other snack products for sales include sunflower seeds of the original, barbecue and jalapeno varieties:

seeds1For anyone interested, here in southern New Hampshire said Jim Beam snacks can be purchased at most Hess and Blue Canoe gas station/convenience stores.

Bon appetit!

– Dandy Will


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