Dandy Will: a nerd revealed

Glenn noted in the current podcast that of the four Dandy Scotch Brawlers, I am the least, shall we say, nerdy. This is a charge (compliment?) I cannot deny.

As was discussed in the podcast, I have not seen any of the “Alien” movies. Nor, for that matter, do I own a single video game or play online games. I have never read “X-Men,” or any other comic book. And until Rob lent me his copy of “Watchmen” a few months ago, I had never read a graphic novel.

All of this, however, is not to say that I have no history of nerd behavior. And as the Dandy Scotch Brawlers podcast has thus far seemed to center on things nerd, I feel the need to establish my nerd bona fides, such as they are. To wit, I give you a small sampling of the complete set “Star Trek: The Next Generation” cards that I amassed, as I recall, over the course of my seventh or eighth grade year in the early 90s:




See, I am one of you. My name is Will and I am, or at least was, a nerd.

— Dandy Will



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4 responses to “Dandy Will: a nerd revealed

  1. Brenda

    I thought the term was “geek,” when did you all become nerds?

  2. Dandy Will

    Geek/nerd – I guess I use the terms synonymously. Perhaps that reveals my geek deficiencies.

  3. Dandy Dan

    Ha! Guinan… Are her stats on the back? Does she have level 10 listening power but really crappy agility? Is her special ability to mysteriously ward off the Q continuum?

  4. what annoys me is the in an offically licensed Star Trek TNG product they fail to identify the Borg Cube as anything more than Borg Ship. That’s like labeling the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Constitution class starship card as “Federation Ship”. Any Trekker will know that there are a number of Borg vessels, and not merely those added to the iconic Cube in Trek’s numerous expanded universe products. I call bullshit on this card set and refute the value of any product so shabilly researched in defending ones nerd cred. I know nerd and YOU SIR ARE NO NERD.

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