In defense of delicious breakfast foods

Will deserves every ounce of the hard time he is given for eating Post Raisin Bran every morning and no amount of book linking appeals to authority shall defend it.  It is deceptive to suggest that the two and a half hours before work will has will be wasted away should he choose to make a healthy and hearty breakfast.  Not only is the time required to choose a tasty breakfast miniscule, Will is more than capable of handling the task of cooking an egg while listening to a langauge instruction tape.

Schwartz makes a lazy man’s argument and frankly his thesis suggests a way of life so mechanized as to threaten the simple joys that day-to-day decisions engender. Will will never have to worry about discovering a new and delightful breakfast food though, thanks to the good Mr. Schwartz. Perhaps if this streamlining of trivial choice is applied throughout Wil’s life he can be smoothed down into the  nuance-less flesh automaton so capable of devoting his now-unfettered brain meats to the more important tasks of sweater vest choice.

Will your life is simpler for certain, but it is poorer for that.


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